Tuesday, May 18, 2004

So much on my mind....

Celebration Sunday went great...I think. Why is it that I'm so easily swayed by what people think. I'm a people pleaser I guess! I felt great coming out of Sunday, not really because of people telling me that it was a great service, more because I believe our service was God honoring, that it was real, that people were drawn to God, yeah it went long but I thought it was great. Glory to God. Then today...one coment from one person and as bad as I hate it, I care. I want our services to be God honoring, I want them to be real, I want people to share their faith in God with each other...and Sunday we did that. Why do I care what one person thinks.

I think we do this all the time. We say we want to live lives that are true to our calling. The problem is, many times we care more about what people think than what God thinks. Even church people. It shouldn't matter. I commit to listening for, seeking, listening for, seeking, and praying that I recognize the voice of God and then I will follow that voice with everything I am. I commit to stop listening to my own worldly spirit, what the world want so hear, etc. and strive more to live truer to who I say I am. I AM A DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD THE LIVING GOD. I will love people like he loves me, I will be patient with people (and what I view as their shortcomings) because he is patient with me. I want God to conquer my pride, and accept me as His humble servant.


I'm sorry....I'm sorry for not acting more like your son today. I'm sorry for the opportunities I missed today to love your people today. Thank you for being patient with me....thank you for loving me...thank you for giving me the opportunities I will have tomorrow.

Father, please take my pride...take it from me in all aspects of my life. Father, help me live a life that shines bright...not so people know my name but so you may receive fame and glory forever and ever.

I Love You,

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Today is a big day for so many reasons. First, it's Sunday, Celebration Sunday, but it is also my 12th wedding anniversary.

I am so blessed to have the wife I do. Sure I get frustrated every now and then because she isn't perfect like me (!!!) but she is the greatest. I always go back to the thought that she chose me. If you knew me back then, you would know why this is such amazing fact. She chose me...ugly,skinny, dorky, no athletic talent, me...she chose me because of who I am. God did the same thing...HE CHOSE ME (PRAISE GOD), Not because of who I am, but because of what you've done....not because of what I've done, but because of who YOU are!!! Thank you God and thank you Christy.

Time to celebrate this morning....Don't know why but I'm a bit nervous about this morning. I guess when we do things a little different...I always get nervous. Probably not half as nervous as the rest of the congregation!!! What a great reason to celebrate this morning...we celebrate because God is on the throne...forever. Nuff Said.


Thank you for choosing me. I'm sorry for not being worthy of that choosing many times but I rejoice in the fact that you have chosen me and continue to choose me anyway. Use me this morning as your instrument. Play me like a virtuoso for Your glory. Draw people to you this morning because of our testimony of who You are. Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me. Holy God.

Thank you for Christy and the 12 years we have had together. May they be many many more in service to you.

I'm yours,


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I'll be out for the next 2 days. Going to "Outdoor Education" with my wife and 150 5th graders. While that doesn't sound like fun to many (including me), I am praying that this be an opportunity for God to shine through me to some kids and some parents. I am praying that God use me. I am praying that I will not be so whipped that I kill a 5th grader.


Use me for your glory over the next few days. Help me look for ways to share your love with someone that is hurting. Help me be a servant most of all.

I Love You,


What a day....what a week....

Getting ready for "Celebration Sunday". Question I was asked yesterday, "Why do we celebrate before we make our commitments?" Here are the thoughts that have been going through my head regarding that.

Maybe our giving is in response to our celebration. If we celebrate after we give, are we not celebrating what we have done. If we celebrate before we give, we then give in response to what we are celebrating that God has done in and for us. Just a thought!

One other thing that came up during our minister's time this morning. Do I value all souls equally? Does God. Seems like we get real excited when someone who is very talented or rich or whatever comes to church, but when a "nobody" comes, somebody that we can get nothing from, then are we as excited. Are we glad people are coming to church/coming to Christ because of what they can do for us or because of what God can do for them.

Again...just a thought.


Help me love everyone equally today...not for what they can do for me but for what you can do for them. Thank you for loving me..even when I can give you nothing you don't already have.

I love you,


Sunday, May 09, 2004

Couple of thoughts wrapping up the day.

1. Worship went great this morning. Thank you God for going beyond what I would ever do. When the Elders and their families were up on stage singing, "One heart, one spirit, one hope for tomorrow, We are the body of Christ." with the rest of the congregation...what a moving time....thank you Father.

2. Survivor....what a bunch of idiots!! Why is it that when things don't go your way, you become the victim. Do we do that in church? Well he doesn't like what I like so he must not be as good a person/Christian as I. How immature are we?

That's it...not much really!


Thank you for a great day....wow me tomorrow. Let me give it to you from the moment I wake up.

I love you God, I love you Jesus....help me change my ways.


Sunday a.m.........getting ready for our worship assembly. Today the elders do their commitments for our fundraising campaign. Just some thoughts that come from this.....

Why are we so afraid to give? My car had to have $1400 worth of work done on it last week. Stupid transmission. As bad as I hate spending money on that kind of stuff....as little as I trust some mechanics because I know they could charge me for anything and I'm to dumb to find it.....I don't even drive that car. Even though, I found the money to pay for it. We will scrimp and save over the next months. We won't have as nice a vacation. Why? Because that car is important to our family business. It is important that that car be safe...my wife and 3 children ride in it everyday. It is important that we have that car to get everywhere where they need to be. Yes, we could probably do without it, but we might be a less effective family.

For our building project, I wish people could see the same things. This building is something we could do without...but will we be as effective for the kingdom if we do without. If everybody saw this as important to the kingdom...there would be no problem for money. Maybe that's the problem......1 of 2 things. Either they don't see it as important for the Kingdom....or they don't care about the Kingdom.

To answer my first question.....we don't have faith in God providing for tomorrow.

Anyway...I hope today goes well....and next Sunday and the next.


E's Yankees lost yesterday. Got drilled. They aren't hitting. The more they strike out, the worse they get. (Sure there is a lesson there) Everett was disappointed. He didn't hit very well. Next time.

Finally.....Mom's. I have the best Mom in the world! I know everybody thinks that, but with me it's true. She loves me unconditionally. She prays for me and my ministry. She sacrifices for the family always. She puts up with Dad. Praise God for my Mom.

My kids also have a good Mom. SHe doesn't do it all like my Mom did...but she loves them, and cares for them, and takes care of them in totally different ways. Praise God for giving Moms the energy they have so sons and Dads like me can make it through life.


Use me today to lead your people into your presence. Make me invisible....or make me seen...whatever gives use the most glory. Use our elders as an example today of sacrificial giving. Bless them in their giving. Show your power. Change hearts. Change me. Help us all see the resurrected Christ this morning. Perform miracles in peoples lives today

Thank you for Mom and Christy. Give them a special blessing on this special day. God, reward them today for the sacrifices they have made for their families. Give them spiritual blessings beyond what any earthly gift would be able to do.

Thank you Father,


Friday, May 07, 2004

First Blog ever. Hoping to make this a daily or at least regular thing to help me process through some thoughts. Who knows, maybe some day I will let other people read these very random thoughts.

Been thinking lately....things I learn from Everett's little league baseball.
1. Why is it that I expect so much more from him. I know how bad I stunk at baseball!!! I loved it...but I wasn't very good. Everett loves baseball....he is still developing as a fielder but he is hitting the ball great. I guess I just want him to succeed. I really think I want him to be better than what I was.

I think we do this in church. I want people who are less mature in the faith to be so much better than what I was when I was their "spiritual age". I expect them to just be "there". I just want them to succeed. I just want them to understand. I wonder who is out there thinking that about me.

Last night I was so proud of Everett. He didn't get a ball hit to him, he struck out once, he had one great hit to right center field, but the thing that made me proud was his attitude. We have one kid on our team that is a great baseball player...probably the best natural talent in the league. HE HAS A HORRIBLE ATTITUDE. I told Everett last night that I would rather have 10 of him that 10 of the bad attitude. Why is it that people who have been gifted with the most are so often people who have the worst attitude.

Speaking of gifted. This Sunday, our elders begin our commitment drive for our fund raising campaign. All of this talk about commitment cards and sacrifice has got me thinking about my personal sacrifice. How much do I really sacrifice for the kingdom. What do I really give up? When it comes down to it, I really love what I do...I love my job!!! Sure, I give up time with my family, probably work more than I should, etc....but I love what I do. So my thought is, do I really have to dislike something for it to be a sacrifice. Did Jesus, dislike coming to earth, living among his sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, being tempted, loving people, dieing...for people. That's just something I have to think about.

Dear God,

Help me live Romans 12 today. Help me be a living sacrifice. I give you praise because you have made me yours. I give you praise for accepting me when I am wrong...even when the ball goes through my legs. Let me be a sacrifice to you today. Bless Billy, Brent, TOm, Jerry, Terry, and Ken as they are considering their sacrifice. Help our body grown in you as we examine our own lives lived for you.

I love you God. Use me for your glory...not mine.......please.