Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kauai – Wednesday

This morning started early…but we had a blast. We started this morning with the “Zip-line Tour”….very stinking cool. Christy and I both have ridden ziplines at Blue Haven and Ceta Canyon but NOTHING like these. They were long…I think the longest was 350 yards or so….and some of them VERY high…I think about 80 feet above the ground. A couple of them were very low too which was cool. There were 7 different ziplines in all that we got to zip. We zipped over what used to be a crater created by one of the volcanoes that made Kauai. At one point, we were at the foot of the mountain (can’t remember it’s name right now) that is the wettest point in the world. It had rained last night (of course) and you could see 10 or so waterfalls from the first place to zip. It was lush and green and a TON of fun! We ended at this little pond and had sandwiches then road back up to the city. Yeah…we had a lot of fun!

Here are some pics:

Before the Zip

Christy Zipping

Doyle Zipping

More pics of this when I get to a faster Internet connection!

After the zip tour we were pretty tired so we headed into town for a little shave ice…then back to the condo for a bit.

After a little rest, we headed out for some beach time. This afternoon we went to Lydgate Beach. It’s a pretty cool beach…nice for just relaxing and playing in the water. They have created this rock circle to protect this beach from the waves so it makes a nice serene pool. We snorkeled for a little but the snorkeling wasn’t great. Not a lot of fish in this area. Then we just vegged!! It is so nice to be able to just relax and do nothing if you want to! This was a very pretty beach and we are hoping to get back to this beach to watch a sunrise.


We went from Lydgate to see Opaeka Falls. These aren’t falls that you get to actually go up to, you can only view them from the road. They are beautiful though! Here are some pics.

After the falls we were just driving up this little road and ran into a Hindu Monastary. It was pretty cool. We didn’t get to go into the temple…it’s only open in the morning. But reading some of the history of the monastery was pretty cool. One interesting thing they had there was a place you could write down all of the things that were bothering you and burn them in this urn. They said that your problems were taken away when you burned them in this urn….pretty interesting. A lot of interesting stuff in their tenets of faith…more on that later. No pictures here…if I get to go back to the temple, I’ll take some pictures.

After the monastery, we went to eat at a great little Italian place, then shopped a little, then went for a stroll on the beach. Again, it was a great day. We are pretty tired but having so much fun.

More later…


Anonymous Misty said...

wow guys these pictures are awesome! The skys are beautiful too, although I expected more sunshine--maybe you did too. I'm glad you told us about the urn thing. Someday when I go I'll make sure to take a whole notebook to burn (would it be wrong to name names?). Ha! I'm glad you guys are having so much fun and taking time to just relax too.

7:13 AM  

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