Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I hope to be able to update daily but as of now I can’t get an internet connection in our condo (oh well!!) If not, I’ll post this all when I get back to the mainland.

Kauai Travels Day 1: Travel Day

Not much to report from Sunday. Travel day started early and ended late. Not so much good traveling in between. It started with us in DFW EARLY (to try to get an exit row seat). We did get the exit row seats booked for our flights all the way to LAX…but then, right before we were going to get on the plane, DFW had a bad lightening and rain storm and delayed our flight about 2 hours. Since this would make us miss our connecting flight, they then moved us to a direct flight to LAX. So, we ran to the airport and got on our flight to LA. Not too bad…no exit row…but not too bad.

At LA we got settled in for our flight to Kauai. The flight was packed so there was not any hope of getting an exit row. This was a United airlines flight. They boast “more leg room than any other airlines”. I have one thing to say about this….Liar, Liar, pants on fire!!! NO LEG ROOM. Oh well we made it to Kauai…long flight….tired booties…but we made it…

However, our luggage didn’t!! Because of all the flight delays and us last minute switching flights to LA, our luggage went on and made the trip through Denver and then to LA missing our flight to Kauai. The very nice man at the luggage place told us that we were on the last flight for the day so our luggage wouldn’t get here till today at noon. So…after checking in at our cool condo, and driving across the Island to “Brick Oven Pizza” (at the recommendation of Pill Hackler), we headed to Walmart (broke Christy’s heart to have to go to Walmart!) and bought a few things to tide us over till we got our luggage. Then, we got back to the condo…EXHAUSTED…our bodies still telling us it is 3 a.m. and we had a message from the office telling us that our luggage is here!! Woohoo!!! It was good to have our luggage with us again, although they did destroy my suitcase. Not sure how we’re going to deal with that!

Anyway…we were pooped and hit the hay.

Oh yeah…Brick Oven Pizza was good…not great…service was actually not good at all…but the food was good. I think we were too tired to enjoy!


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