Friday, June 30, 2006

SE Chronicles… - Friday, June 23, 2006

Ok, it’s actually Saturday morning. I didn’t have time Friday to journal so here is the recap of Thursday and Friday. Thursday morning is always the hardest day for me. We are in the home stretch…the end is near...but I don’t want to lose energy or power at all. I was tired Thursday morning…bad tired….I’m getting way too old for this! Now I understand why Richard would head out in the middle of the day….NAP TIME!! But God gave me the energy to get through the day!

Thursday was another great day though….people continued to respond to the call of God. Thursday night Rainbow Celebration was great…at least I thought it was. I love the “Lonely People” video….because of the message, “you have never been unloved”. What a powerful message for kids….for everybody…to hear. Then I loved how the Deans connect all of the school themes to the overall SE theme. It just worked great. One of the cool parts for me was getting to sing with Josh. We sang “If You Say Go” over the students as they prayed…I can’t begin to tell you all of the coolness that happened within that…just trust me…it was awesome.

The awards time was kinda anticlimactic for me. So many great things had already happened. Although….I LOVED recognizing kids for being Christ-like. We need to do that EVERY DAY. I loved the ovation that Josiah Shelburne got. I loved the ovation that Amber got….and that Justin got….all deserving…for totally different reasons…but everyone in the room knew why.

I think the most rewarding time of the week though was yesterday (Friday) lunch. As we sat around with TLs, TLCs, and Staff, and shared victory…God gave me a picture of what he is doing with SE. I just saw these stories…these victories for Him, multiplying over and over across this nation, and to the nations. As I listened to victory after victory, I praised the God who made all this possible. The God who planned this before time began. I just sat and worshiped as we shared with each other. (And I got to play with Leah for a lot of that time!)

SE 06 was a great success. Thanks to so many people, but primarily thanks to God. And now, we continue our Journey. I told the TL/TLCs yesterday...”don’t let this be the greatest day in your life.” I want that for myself, I want that for all who attended or volunteered at SE. Don’t let this be your mountaintop experience. Let this be another incredible stop on your Journey…but let the mountain top experiences be the everyday decisions we make to follow our Rabbi, Jesus.

Father, you took care of us again. You answered prayers before we even prayed them. You brought people together that needed each other. You put people in leadership positions that needed to lead. You are truly and awesome God!!!! I don’t know how else to say it. God protect SE from the evil one. Protect our students and TLs as they go home. Remind them with Your Spirit of the things they learned and the promises they made to you. Bring yourself glory. We pray that our work has been fruitful and is producing “fruit that will last”. If we are not fruitful, prune us so fruit will grow. We love you God and depend on you not just for SE but for our lives. Continue to amaze us as we go back in to our “normal”lives….make our lives abnormal!!!

Your Son,


As I read back over the last week’s blog entries, it makes me sad that I missed so much. So many stories, so many God honoring victories…there is just no way to cover it all. I guess this is why for the last 22 years, we have all been saying, “I can’t describe it, you just had to be there!”

My summation is, if I can ever describe everything that is happening perfectly….it probably isn’t of God.


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