Sunday, April 03, 2005

Oh man I hate daylight savings time. I'm pretty sure that whoever thought up daylight savings time as a good idea was the same guy who thought up that it would be a good idea for men to tie a silk rope around their neck as tight as possible to look nicer. How ridiculous is that?

Today, our staff and elders begin 40 days of prayer and fasting together. Why 40 days....because God did it! Why fasting...because I need to depend on God for EVERYTHING. Why praying...ditto. I'm usually not good at following things through like this. I'm thankful that I have brothers on this team who love me and will hold me accountable.

Why is it that I haven't even started fasting yet and I'm already hungry? It's because I depend too much on me. I hate that.

My friend Jeff lost his job today. I don't understand that. God, thank you for putting me in a place where I am loved and respected. Thank you for using me in the way you do for this body. Use me in a special way this morning.

Today, we also have our special offering. I had a dream last night that I got a call this morning that one person (that is a normal complainer) wrote a check for the whole amount we are behind. Why would that surprise me so much if it were true. Why am I so easily surprised by God being God. Father, help me expect the unexpected good in you. I want to expect Great things from you!

God, will you make me totally dependent on you. That scares me but it is what my heart desires. I want to know you more by being a fully dependent child of yours. Thank you for sustaining me where I don't even see it. Thank you for loving me when I am so unloveable. I want to be Holy, Set apart for you Lord. I choose to be Holy. Set apart for you my Master. Ready to do your will. LORD, I'm ready to do your will.

Your ever straying son....Doyle