Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Wow…Tuesday was fun but WE ARE TIRED!!! This was a day that we planned to “sleep in”. So, I got up about 6:30!! Wow…what a sleep in. I just couldn’t sleep. We lounged around the condo for a while, then had breakfast, and hit Kauai!

We started at Hilo Hatties looking for souvenirs and stuff. Shopping…woohoo. Then we headed to the South Shore to do some snorkeling and boogie boarding. We started at Poi’pu Beach and did some snorkeling there. There were a lot of fish and urchin and stuff to see but the floor was VERY rocky and hard to get around in. The hardest part was getting back to shore. The beach was beautiful though and we had fun just people watching. We laid on the beach for a while DOING NOTHING. Doing nothing is so good! No pictures of Poi’pu…sorry.

We headed off for some lunch…a very good burger and chicken burger at Tropical Burger, and then looking around in some shops at the Market in Poi’pu.

After lunch it was time for some boogie boarding at Brennecke Beach. The waves were pretty awesome. However, neither of us will soon be asked to join the national boogie boarding team. We had fun and took most of the sand from Brennecke Beach away with us in the many hiding spots in our swim suits and other crevices on our body! Here are some pics of Brennecke Beach.

From Brennecke we went to my favorite spot of the day…Kipu Falls. This was awesome. Kinda in the back country of the South Side, you park by a bridge and then take a “pig path” through some grass fields where the grass is taller than me. You walk down this path and over some rocks for about 10 minutes and then come up on this awesome waterfall and huge pool. The waterfall is probably 20-25 feet high and Christy and I both jumped off a couple of times. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Then you can swim over and climb back up and do this huge rope swing. Very cool too but not as cool as jumping off the waterfall. Again, I think this was our favorite part of the day. We like these places that are off the beaten path and VERY COOL. Here are some pics:

Christy Jumping

Doyle Jumping

Rope Swing

After Kipu Falls we were beat and ready for some supper and rest. We spent some time at the store buying souvenirs and food for tonight. Then we came back to the condo and Christy cooked supper. It has been a nice relaxing night.

Tomorrow is our Zip-Line Tour!! We can’t wait!!!

More tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stephen was wanting to see a picture of Doyle on the beach....I told him that was something I really did not want to see that. :)
I am so glad ya'll are having a GREAT time!!! Thanks for sharing pictures and info. with us! Vicky

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