Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Today, our ministry staff spent about an hour in prayer. Prayer for our elders, our future, our future elders, and how that effects all ministries. As we were praying, I felt such great dependence on the Father. More than I have felt in a while. I always feel like I am in full dependence on God, but today, I felt the full church dependence on God. We CAN NOT succeed, unless God makes us succeed. I LOVE THIS FEELING!!! I can't make it happen. I can't be good enough, or smart enough...I just get to love people, and love people, and love people, and invest in people and.....GOD gets to do the rest.

As we were praying...I didn't want to stop. We were in His throne room with Him, and when we were there, I had great confidence. I didn't want to leave that. Now, I want to learn how to stay there....totally dependent, totally confidant, knowing that it is only because of His power. I want to stay there. That brings me Joy. And as it was reminded to me today...if it doesn't bring joy, it is not of Christ.

Praise God!!!

Thank you for being my provider. Thank you for the confidence that I live in when I am in your will. Let me only depend on you and your power....not what I can do, but what you have done.
I praise you sole for who you are. My king and master. I will serve you with all I am tomorrow.


Monday, August 02, 2004

I'm such a bad blogger!! I start and never finish. Here' s for try #2.

So much has been going on. So busy....so busy....so busy....I ask myself, why am I so busy. Answer because I make myself busy. Why do I make myself busy, because I don't want to disappoint anyone. That's dumb. I want to be more about pleasing God and less about being pleasing to people. This doesn't mean that I will stop pleasing people, this means I learn to follow better boundaries. I'm horrible at that right now, but am trying to be better.

Preparing for Panhandle Praise...some don't like it because we aren't bringing in a special group...others hate the special group. This makes my ministry hard because, again, I just want to please people. When I can focus on being a God pleaser, people will be pleased. That is the hardest for me to do.


Hear me today. I'm sorry for worrying more about others than about you. I worry about others, because by pleasing others, I bring glory to myself. I commit myself to pleasing you, which may or may not please others, but can only bring glory to you. I will point to you and only you with all of my being. Thank you for being faithful, when I am not.

I am yours,