Thursday, October 07, 2004

Been a few days since I posted so I better post.

I am the luckiest man alive. My wife loves me, I love my wife. My kids love me, I love my kids. And something that I have been reminded of this church loves me and I love my church. I have to admit, there have been times that I have thought, "man, everybody at this church hates me and hates what I do". (I know, it's extreme, nobody loves me everybody hates me...blah blah worms!) But this week has been such a encouragement to me.

1st, I was gone last Sunday. I'm beginning to think that when I get down on myself, I just need to leave for a Sunday and a Wednesday. Because I do what I do, EVERYBODY at church knows I'm gone. And so many are the greatest encouragers. Young and old tell me how much they miss me and want me to be here to lead them in worship. What a great honor...I am at a place where they want me to lead them to the Father. How lucky am I?

Then last night...last night I had my evaluation with the elders at SWCC. I love these men and respect them in the Lord and...well...just...they are just awesome. Then last night, my evaluation...where most ministers sweat blood because the elders are going to rip them for what they do wrong, where they are going to give them more to do in there know the drill. My elders though, they encourage me, the bless me by telling me that I am leading them (it's hard for me to think that God has gifted me in a way that I am leading these spiritual giants to worship Him). The only thing they told me I need to to better is do less. Brent's words to me were so good for me. I truly feel loved by these men.

one of the things that I am reminded of when I go to places like the Zoe conference is how much God has blessed me by putting me in this place. Great staff that loves each other. Elders that shepherd and love and support. Great family. God is Good!!


Thank you for putting me where you have. Thank you for getting past me and Christy and bringing us here. I don't know if we deserve it but I want to be faithful to this blessing. "Every blessing you pour out I turn back to praise" Blessed be your name. Father, give me the courage to do what I know by your word you would have me do. And if you take this all away....give me the courage and strength to still do what I know you would have me do. GOD YOU ROCK!!

With a heart full of Praise,


Sunday, October 03, 2004

What a great few days!! It was good to be is good to be home!!

As Brandon said last night, I feel as full as a tick that has been on a dog for 5 days. I do feel full. Full of info, full of questions, full of ideas, full of things I know I need to do, full of the desire to follow through on those I'm full. I've only been home for a couple of hours, but I'm full of love for my's so good to get back to people you love. It's good to be sitting in my own chair. It's good to be home.

One thing that stuck with me (so much, but this is the one that I must follow through with) was McLaren's talk on passing along the faith. Who am I teaching and what am I teaching them. Am I teaching those around me to be better people? Maybe. What about better worshipers? Probably. You know, I want them to be better people, I want them to be more in touch with who they are as worshipers. But most of all, I want them to know Christ. I want them to know Christ. I want the people that I am life on life to know Christ. I want the people that I am life on life with to be salt and light, and to be life on life with others who they want to know Christ. It's ALL about knowing Christ. I AM TIRED OF TEACHING RELIGION. I WANT TO KNOW CHRIST! Sorry about the yelling. I guess you could say I'm desperate for this. I want to be desperate for this.

I must be constantly asking myself these questions. Does my schedule reflect the schedule of a disciple maker? What can I say no to, so that disciples can be made? Am I making disciples or making good churchgoers? Those questions must be repeated to me often.

As I came home today, I was reminded by my two boys how this works. They act just like me. I hope they are learning to be followers of Christ. Yes, I want them to learn to be fun loving and goofy and....all that stuff. But more than anything, I want my 3 kids to know Christ!

Way too much rambling on this stuff...I'll probably read this later and realize that it makes no sense at all. I hope the spirit grumbles through my blogs too!

One last thing...SO Proud of Everett from the weekend. Saturday, he caught his first pass (first year of tackle football). Also Saturday, he had his first public piano performance. He played three songs at westgate mall (that's bigtime!). SIDE STORY! - As he was playing his first song, Truett (3 yrs old) stood up on the front row and said, "Everett, play that 'I Like Big Butts' song!!" Oh man....we gotta stop letting them listen to the Shrek soundtrack! Finally, today, Everett caught his second pass of the season and ran it in for a touchdown!! WOOHOO!


Thank you for the past few days. I give you praise for Brandon and Mike and Jeff and Brian, all your servants. Father thank you for speaking to me. Thank you for reminding me of my desperation.

Father, give me the courage to be who you want me to be. Will your spirit remind me of who I need to be. I want to know your son and live as he did.

Thank you for the refreshing and for the love that you pour out on me. You are my strength, my rock, my are so good.

Every blessing you pour out I turn back to praise. Blessed be your name.

Your son,