Friday, June 30, 2006

SE Chronicles… - Last one…I promise

Two weeks ago, I was traveling with Josh to Lubbock right now, getting ready to enter into a great week. Just wanted to reflect on some of my favorite things of SE 06

  • Family – It is so cool to get to work with blood family at SE. From nieces and nephews as students, to brothers working along side me….it was just excellent. It was cool to get Elven indoctrinated to SE this year. What a great help he was. I love my brothers and sisters…every one of them!! The best thing I love about them is that they love God!!! This week was just a reminder to me of how blessed I am with family that loves God. One of these days, we’ll get Twila to come and help!!!
  • Family part 2 – It was awesome to have Everett there with me. He is the son I don’t deserve!!! He is way too good for me. My favorite times of the week were when he would sit next to me at the computer and worship with me. There were several times I was so moved I couldn’t sing because I was watching my son lift his hands to the Lord and worship Him. That was priceless!!!!
  • Family part 3 – Laci Richardson – She is not blood kin but married into the family. It is such an honor to work along side Laci for SE. She is perfect for SE!! She is such a great woman of God and wants so badly to be in His will. She gives herself sacrificially so that others will know the love of God. She is a great Mom and wife. Laci is just awesome. AND….her favorite joke is SO funny!
  • Family part 4 – Josh Watkins – Ok, Josh isn’t “family”…he didn’t even marry into the family, but he is a brother to me. What a great partner in ministry. He is fun to work with, he challenges me, I think I challenge him. When we are together, I laugh (a lot), I am challenged to grow in Christ, I am encouraged…It’s just one big pile of cool!! Love this guy. On the way home the other day we talked about planting an SE church (more on that later). And we talked about our Dream Team of SEers to be at this church. That would be too much fun.
  • Family part 5 – Quaker Ave. Church – this is the church I grew up in in so many ways. It is just cool to get to go back there at least once a year and be a part of that family. I love worshiping with them on Sunday a.m. I love seeing how they serve SE because of their love for Christ.
  • Confession – much healing happened this week because of confession. Let’s hope we can all be real enough to never let this stop.
  • Long rides in the golf cart with my girlfriend…..ok just kidding

Top Ten Things I Miss About SE

  1. Rainbow Celebration – not necessarily the worship…just saying the words!
  1. Cookie Crisp with Chocolate Milk
  1. Riding around in a golf cart….I gotta get one for the house!
  1. The nurses….Charmaine and Lanna are the COOLEST
  1. Pizza and a Hamburger (and cookie crisp) EVERY DAY for lunch.
  1. Mbale
  1. Kick-ball

2. Mbaleball

  1. Late night hugs from Jake!

Make sure you check out the SE website for all of the pics!

OK, for all of those (both of you) who are reading this….WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SE 06 memory? Or…..what is your favorite SE memory of all time? Or…what would you add to my top ten list.



Blogger Kelli said...

Hey Doyle!
It sounds like SE was really incredible!! Praise God! I am so jealous that I missed it! Maybe next summer. Hope you are having a great week!

7:47 PM  

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