Thursday, July 28, 2005

It has taken me so long to get all of these posted but I’m finally through these! It’s taken a while because I’ve been gone so much…more on that later. Here’s the closer.

SE Chronicles 05 – Friday…last post!

I am once again amazed by what God has done this year through the ministry we call Summer Excitement. It is so amazing how God uses our crazy ideas, our stupid skits theme days (oh, some of those were soooo scary this year!!), he uses the sports times, meal times, well he uses everything for His glory. I am so blown away with this. You would think, after 21 years of SE…forget that, you would think after seeing the way God has worked his miracles in and on my life, that he would stop surprising me. Father, thank you for continuing to amaze me. I want to be like the disciples who were continually amazed at your wonders as you walked on earth. Thank you for using me for Your glory. I am honored to be your servant. I am honored to be your son! Thank you God.

Here is what truly amazes me every year but it seems especially this year. Our TL’s and TLC’s. They were absolutely amazing. Who would think that a group of young, some immature, not necessarily bible scholars, just normal kids could make such a difference for the kingdom. Come to think of it, isn’t that what Jesus did. He took a group of young, sometimes immature, not necessarily scholars (fishermen!), just normal guys who were willing to give their lives to him…who were willing to make mistakes…and he turned the world upside down with them. Do we have the power to do the same thing? YES!!! Imagine if just this group that is here at Summer Excitement this year…imagine if just half of those, just a quarter of those who were here this year, imagine if they would sell themselves out to be fully devoted followers of Christ…imagine what God could do with that. The faith of a mustard seed can do so much…how much more could we do with a group of fully surrendered disciples only concerned with following the greatest commands…Loving God and loving each other…what could God do? Father, thank you for our TL’s and TLC’s this year. Thank you for their honesty, there humility…thank you for the mistakes…thank you for the way you used them. Continue to bless them as they continue to walk with you. Help them…no, help all of us be more this year than we were last. Help all of us look back this time next year and give you praise for how much closer we are to walking as Your Son does as we did last year. We want to be yours Father. We want to be all Yours.

Well…memories of SE 05. Things that will stick with me for a while….I loved Bob Smiley…I loved Devry…Danna on Friday night and Wednesday night…My times with Josh…time with my brother Dean…serving God with my wife and kids by my side…”Heart of Worship”…”Lord, I Give You My Heart”…Wednesday night Celebration…Wednesday night party…the baptisms…God speaking to Thomas…God speaking to so many more that I don’t know about…”It’s Not About Me”….Sabbath… the altar…grilled cheese (WITH JALAPENO)…Sunday morning worship at home…SO MUCH MORE… Father, thank you for all that you’ve done this year…all that blessed me…and all that I don’t know about. Thank you for all of the great things that I’ve already forgotten!! Thank you for what you’ve done this year…and thank you for -already planning SE 06…may it surpass all we can ask or imagine, according to Your power that is at work within us. To You be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout ALL generations, forever and ever!! You are the GREAT I AM!! It’s all for You Father.

Your servant, your son, one that you have chosen,


NOW, for those of you that are reading this blog…WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SE MOMENTS. Post your favorite moments or testimonies about God has done through SE here on the comments. Give glory to God for what He has done.

Pic from SE 05

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Monday, July 18, 2005

SE Chronicles – Thursday

Another great day!! This is crazy though…as hard as I have been going, I should be worn out tired. Yes, I’m tired, but during the day I have an energy that I can not explain. Must be a God thing. Father, thank you for sustaining me. I need nothing but you!!

Yeah, today was a great day. Lots of fun stuff. I think one of the most impactful things I have seen at Summer Excitement was the time this morning in Sabbath. A little good and bad for me. I enjoyed it…but not from a Sabbath point of view…from a watching people in Sabbath point of view. The art room was IN-STINKIN-CREDIBLE. I was blown away by all that they were doing…just down right incredible. I stood there with the camera, watching Kyla paint “Your Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet” and wept. I watched as Dana (baptized last night) wrote with her dirty fingers “Clean”. AWESOME. The guy with the deer and the water. The guy with the man on his knees and the sword. SO MUCH COOL STUFF. Too little time to write!! Father, thank you for giving us this time of Sabbath today. Thank you for changing lives through rest in you. Thank you for what you did with Thomas…and so many others…but thank you for speaking to Thomas. Speak to more tonight as they sleep Father. I believe you can do that. You amaze me Father…you continue to amaze me. I love you so much for what you are doing this week.

Then the worship time tonight…OH MAN! I love seeing the rocks come from spelling out me to the alter. I love how God brought all the themes together. That was awesome. May we all remember what has happened this week. May God never forget the commitments that have been made. Thank you God.

OK, I’m tired now…going to bed...

God, all I can say is THANK YOU…You have blessed me beyond my wildest imagination. Wow! I love you.

Your Son,


OK, after I read this…I don’t know that it does justice for the day…but…it’s what my brain was doing tonight. That’s what I get for staying up with those wacky TLC’s till so late. I LOVE THOSE TLC’s. Can we get any better than that??


Friday, July 08, 2005

Oh man tonight was fun!! Where should I start??

I don't think I have ever been more nervous than I was tonight. I lead worship and speak in front of 850-900 people every week. I have sung in front of thousands of people. Played drums in front of thousands of people...but tonight, I had this nervous energy going on in me like I have never remembered. I wanted so badly to communicate what was in my heart in a way that gave glory to me. I wanted so badly not to "perform" but just to share my heart. I wanted so badly to not be prideful but to be humble before my God as he guided me through the evening. I was dancing. Yeah, I had notes and ideas of what I was going to do but God kept leading me through different things. Things I hadn't prepared to say but that I think God was speaking through me. I LOVE IT WHEN HE CHANGES MY PLANS SO HIS WORD CAN BE HEARD.

The response time was amazing. I don't for a minute think it was because of me. I think it is because God has been working on hearts. I think I could have gotten up and said banana fruit salad over and over again and still gotten the same response because God has been doing some major work....MAJOR WORK. If God did use something I said to encourage kids to make decisions...glory to Him. Father, thank you for letting me be useful for your glory tonight. Thank you for giving me words and stories to connect. I am humbled to be your servant. You alone are worthy of all of what we did tonight. YOU ALONE!

Then there was the party. Oh man!!! I have to admit...I was terrified by those clowns. They are just down right creepy!!! Especially Mel Carter. I don't know why him but whew he was creepy. We had a blast though. The kids seemed to love it (except the one girl who was so terrified of clowns that she couldn't go in...I feel her pain!). They danced and ate and danced. John and his ping pong balls. Thomas dancing....things that make you go hmmmmmmm. Macarena. The kazoos? Who'da thunk that a bag full of kazoos would be so much stinking fun!! Joy was thick in the room. And it's's not just a fun is true joy happening in the room. It's like for that certain time we have incredible freedom to just have a blast because we know we are ok with our Maker. Father, teach us to live every day with the freedom that we had tonight. The freedom to be full of joy, the freedom to repent, the freedom to dance, the freedom to act stupid, the freedom to just make noises to you, the freedom to know that we are yours and we are loved no matter what. Help me to live every day like that. You are the GREAT doubt in my mind about that. Thank you Father for tonight. You have again taught me so much about who you are. Tonight, you were the I am when I needed you so much. Thank you Father.

Your Son,


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

SE Chronicles - Tuesday Night

I am beat tonight but at the same time have an amazing amount of energy. It's wiered...there was one point today where I felt so energized that I felt self-conscious about it. I felt like if I showed that much energy, somebody might think I was taking drugs. It was real wiered...yeah real wiered. But I think I can explain this paradox of being beat and still having an amazing amount of energy. I prayed for that last night. I prayed that God give me more energy than I can imagine...and I think he did. I mean, today, I drove to Amarillo and back, made it back for WNCG, had a long night, it's about 1:15 right now, and although I know that I need to sleep, I know God has provided for me all day. OK, I did have a couple of Mountain Dew's on the trip home but it's not like I shot up heroine or anything!

So, the funeral this morning was awesome. I couldn't lead worship because I have no voice (should've prayed for it!) but it was still awesome to be there. Charlene Sweeney was such a sweet woman. My last memory of her was in Oasis not even a week ago singing with all of her heart with a smile on her face. Tonight, I praise God for making Charlene. She is just so awesome...her memory lives on because she was a follower of the Son of the living God!!! God, thank you for Charlene...she rocks cause she follows you. God, comfort Phil and her family. I know they are sad because she isn't here. Give them the peace that passes understanding that is only of you.

Tonight's Rainbow Celebration was awesome too. Devree played the cello. Oh man! I just cried. First, she is so talented. But, more important than that, she worshiped through that cello tonight. Father, thank you for Devree. Thank you for showing us your glory through her tonight. Thank you for showing her how much you love her tonight. Thank you for the gift of music that transcends all language. Thank you for your presence tonight. Thank you for bringing us back to you over and over again.

Last for tonight...I love my wife so much. She is too good for me. Much more than I deserve. Much more than I deserve. That's it about that...she's just too good.


Thank you for Christy. Thank you that we can share in this ministry and that she supports what I do in you so much. God, make me a better husband for her and a better dad to our kids. I want to be a Christlike father and husband. That means I have to think less of me and more of them. Help me kill the selfish part of my flesh.

God thank you for a great day and for sustaining me through this day. Give us a better one tomorrow. Give me your Word tonight. Fan the flame of your Spirit in me as I prepare to speak tomorrow night. God, you are so good to me. Thank you for loving and setting me FREE.

Your son,