Wednesday, January 05, 2005

God the Creator....God of Gods...the one who created it all...made everything, out of nothing...made me in His image...I bear the image of Elohim...when people look at me, they should see the image of the they?

What is it about us that reflects the image of Elohim? Is it His creativeness ( I know, not a word, deal with it). How awesome is our God who took nothing, a word that I can't even fathom, and created EVERYTHING. My God is awesome!

What does the world my God created tell me about Him? He is beautiful...he is SO creative...He is funny (duckbilled platypus)...He is practical when He needs to be but extravagant always...He is mysterious (most of the world is ocean that we can't even see!)...he wanted me...he created me...he wanted me to have a mate...he created Christy and I for each other...He breathed in me.

I want to live a life where I continually bear the image of my maker.


I can't think right now of how to praise you. Awesome doesn't work, because you are so much more than awesome. Thank you for choosing me, for breathing life into me, and for giving me your image. Let me live today with your image in my life. I'm sorry when I don't. Help me stop doing what is of You. I want to stop so badly but it is so easy to sin. I hate it God, please help me. Let me give up.

Thank you Elohim.

Your Creation,