Friday, May 07, 2004

First Blog ever. Hoping to make this a daily or at least regular thing to help me process through some thoughts. Who knows, maybe some day I will let other people read these very random thoughts.

Been thinking lately....things I learn from Everett's little league baseball.
1. Why is it that I expect so much more from him. I know how bad I stunk at baseball!!! I loved it...but I wasn't very good. Everett loves baseball....he is still developing as a fielder but he is hitting the ball great. I guess I just want him to succeed. I really think I want him to be better than what I was.

I think we do this in church. I want people who are less mature in the faith to be so much better than what I was when I was their "spiritual age". I expect them to just be "there". I just want them to succeed. I just want them to understand. I wonder who is out there thinking that about me.

Last night I was so proud of Everett. He didn't get a ball hit to him, he struck out once, he had one great hit to right center field, but the thing that made me proud was his attitude. We have one kid on our team that is a great baseball player...probably the best natural talent in the league. HE HAS A HORRIBLE ATTITUDE. I told Everett last night that I would rather have 10 of him that 10 of the bad attitude. Why is it that people who have been gifted with the most are so often people who have the worst attitude.

Speaking of gifted. This Sunday, our elders begin our commitment drive for our fund raising campaign. All of this talk about commitment cards and sacrifice has got me thinking about my personal sacrifice. How much do I really sacrifice for the kingdom. What do I really give up? When it comes down to it, I really love what I do...I love my job!!! Sure, I give up time with my family, probably work more than I should, etc....but I love what I do. So my thought is, do I really have to dislike something for it to be a sacrifice. Did Jesus, dislike coming to earth, living among his sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, being tempted, loving people, dieing...for people. That's just something I have to think about.

Dear God,

Help me live Romans 12 today. Help me be a living sacrifice. I give you praise because you have made me yours. I give you praise for accepting me when I am wrong...even when the ball goes through my legs. Let me be a sacrifice to you today. Bless Billy, Brent, TOm, Jerry, Terry, and Ken as they are considering their sacrifice. Help our body grown in you as we examine our own lives lived for you.

I love you God. Use me for your glory...not mine.......please.



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