Tuesday, May 18, 2004

So much on my mind....

Celebration Sunday went great...I think. Why is it that I'm so easily swayed by what people think. I'm a people pleaser I guess! I felt great coming out of Sunday, not really because of people telling me that it was a great service, more because I believe our service was God honoring, that it was real, that people were drawn to God, yeah it went long but I thought it was great. Glory to God. Then today...one coment from one person and as bad as I hate it, I care. I want our services to be God honoring, I want them to be real, I want people to share their faith in God with each other...and Sunday we did that. Why do I care what one person thinks.

I think we do this all the time. We say we want to live lives that are true to our calling. The problem is, many times we care more about what people think than what God thinks. Even church people. It shouldn't matter. I commit to listening for, seeking, listening for, seeking, and praying that I recognize the voice of God and then I will follow that voice with everything I am. I commit to stop listening to my own worldly spirit, what the world want so hear, etc. and strive more to live truer to who I say I am. I AM A DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD THE LIVING GOD. I will love people like he loves me, I will be patient with people (and what I view as their shortcomings) because he is patient with me. I want God to conquer my pride, and accept me as His humble servant.


I'm sorry....I'm sorry for not acting more like your son today. I'm sorry for the opportunities I missed today to love your people today. Thank you for being patient with me....thank you for loving me...thank you for giving me the opportunities I will have tomorrow.

Father, please take my pride...take it from me in all aspects of my life. Father, help me live a life that shines bright...not so people know my name but so you may receive fame and glory forever and ever.

I Love You,


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