Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Note: For the next week I will be in Lubbock at Summer Excitement (www.summerexcitement.com). Throughout over half of my life, Summer Excitement has meant so much to me as I have grown both spiritually and physically. Over the next few days, I will be journalling about my SE experience....I hope that this will be an every day happening...we'll see how it works. Please do not expect these writings to make sense at all! As the week goes, I will be functioning on less and less sleep...so...if your reading out there...enjoy the ramblings. By the way...someone asked me the other day, "Who are you writing this for?" The answer....ME!! I'm writing this as an act of Praise. This journal is a way for me to continually be engaging with what God is doing in my life. So, if somebody else reads it...I hope it blesses you. However, if no-one else reads it...and God continues to reveal to me what He is doing here...that's totally fine by me!!! God, do it AGAIN. Change lives through this great event called Summer Excitement. Show your Glory!!

Your Servant,


SE Chronicles…Day 1 – Friday, June 17th 2006

TL Training

I love this feeling….I don’t know how to describe this feeling…It’s kind of a not in control feeling combined with an absolute confidence that I know that whatever happens this week is God ordained and going to reflect His power…not mine….thank God for that. Let me tell you, if the week of Summer Excitement reflected the power of Doyle or Laci or Josh or John, etc. WE WOULD BE IN TROUBLE. But what we expect, what we expect is this…we expect that “the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in [us], he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to [our] mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in [me].” Romans 8:11

True wisdom for me this week is not to have all the right answers and to keep everybody on schedule and all that stuff….true wisdom is believing scripture. Believing that the Spirit of the living God is in me and is giving life to me and is the power that will lead this week. When I believe that….SE will be incredible.

I love this feeling!!!!

What I want so bad is for our TL’s to claim this feeling. Last night was incredible. In our prayer time, we had so many TL’s who said, “I’m not ready for this”, or “I’m not good enough for this”. I want them to get this truth….without the power of the spirit of the living God in you….you aren’t ready and you aren’t good enough. But Paul said…where I am weak, then HE is strong. I want to be weak so that HE is strong!! These TL’s are going to be incredible this week. Right now, I’m watching them go through their first family time with Mike. I see them…already…going deep into their hearts….looking at who they are. God, continue to draw them to each other and to you….for the ones that I see that are checking out, not wanting to be a part of the team….bring them in. For the ones that are loving this and eating it up….draw them deeper. Most of all, for all of us…God teach us what it really means to GO this week. Teach through Jonah, teach through your Son’s words, teach through your Spirit speaking into our hearts. God, I believe you are going to do INCREDIBLE INDESCRIBABLE things this week. I believe…forgive me when I don’t believe. Father, these TL’s need more of You and less of themselves. Break the ones that need broken…build up the ones that need healed. God we depend on you for this!


This is going to be such a cool week. I love talking about “Going”…because it means something different for each person…this is going to be great. Jonah is a great story, all of us can identify with Jonah. God, teach us all this week. Show us all what you want for us. This is all for you.

Your Son,



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