Tuesday, June 20, 2006

SE Chronicles…Day 3 - Sunday, June 18th 2006

Oh man…this morning was incredible….at least for me it was. God was praised. The most meaningful time for me this morning…all of it was so great I hate to point out one time…but the most meaningful time was during the singing of “Amazing Grace”. As I stood in the place…in the church where I “grew up”….I sang, “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.” That’s all it took. That took me back to may wretchedness. It took me back to all the times I stepped into 1701 Quaker as nothing but a wretch. And had it not been for the Lord, the anger of the enemy would have swallowed me alive. But GOD DELIVERED ME!!! That all hit me during that phrase yesterday. Tears flowed….not tears of sadness…tears of joy. I once was lost…BUT NOW I’M FOUND!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! The pushed my heart to its knees in praise to God for saving a wretch like me. Thank you God!!!!

Yeah…a great morning. Everybody there seemed hungry…not just for great pot-luck…hungry for more of God. I loved looking into the eyes of the worshipers as they looked into the eyes of God. Incredible. God, you bless me beyond my wildest imagination this morning! Thank you Father. Thank you Father for saving me…delivering me from my sin. Amazing Grace. Thank you Father for allowing me to stand in that building and lead those people in Praise to you. What a wonderful gift you have given me today!!! Thank you.

So, how can God do even more now? Well he’s gonna! Kids are on campus now. They have know idea what God has in store for them. Many of them will go home forever changed by God. There parents won’t know what hit em!

The Worship Time tonight was pretty cool. Just kinda down from what we expect. I pray that that will increase through the week. The “Quaker Baker” kids did a great job tonight. God, bless our worship times together throughout this week. Take off the masks of all the kids. Help them let down their guard and worship you with all that they are. Use Josh in a way that will even amaze him! Use his love for you to lead the kids. Use his life with you to inspire all in the room. Use the technology and the tiredness and the energy….use it all for your glory! Thank you for already answering this prayer.

Your Son…Doyle

Tomorrow…Quick Start, 1st Teaching, WnCG, Cleto…God, use it all for your Glory!!


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