Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Here it is….I’m stepping back in to it whether I want to or not. I’m back into my blog.

Why do I stop blogging. I wrote about this in my last post…5 MONTHS AGO!!! Why would I go 5 months without a post. I love when I sit down and write….but I always put something else first. Why…..

  1. There’s always “something more important to do”. ALWAYS. I think this is the source of my frustration lately. There is always something more pressing or more important to do than to do the very things I need to be doing. There is always the things that are expected of me…overcoming the things that are life giving to me. Now don’t get me wrong…I don’t think “blogging” has any saving power or anything! That would be funny…church of BLOG….you can’t be a member unless you blog at least 3 times a week. Truly faithful members blog more often than that. Great members actually have comments. Then we would have different groups….of course my group would blog without instruments….there would be a group that would blog only in KJV…and a very conservative orthodox blog which wouldn’t use computers at all…stone tablets!! Sorry…I digress!

    Seriously…this journaling thing…not a big deal….but it is a representative of something for me that happens a lot. I get into doing something that is really good for me….daily worship habbits, scripture study, quiet, time with kids, etc. etc. etc. and it NEVER fails….something more “important” comes along…and those things die….and so do I. The deal is…there isn’t anything more important than some of those things….they are the very things that give me LIFE.

    Here’s the deal I think….I AM WEAK AND I AM DECEIVED!! I am so easily convinced that the minors are the majors. I am so easily distracted from the One I love and the ones I love.

    Father, give me the courage to focus…give me the ears to discern….give me the humility to learn…give me more of YOU.

  1. Ok, #1 was long…the other reason I think I don’t blog is because….well…..let me say it like this. When I think things in my head, but I don’t ever put them out for anyone else to see, then I don’t have to be accountable for them. When I put them out there…then I have to be accountable. So…it’s just easier to not do anything!!!

    SO much like our Christian walk!!! As long as we don’t act on the things that are in our hearts…then we don’t have to be accountable for them. Hmmmmmm….guess it’s just easier to do nothing.

So…I’m going to try again. Why…well….2 reasons. 1, it’s good for me…2, it’ll make Mom and Dad happy!! Those are 2 great reasons!!

Just a few things…..

Yesterday was my 14th anniversary. Wow! I know that to many…that’s nothing. To me, that’s HUGE. I think of the couple that we were 15 years ago. Praise God that we have and are transforming. I remember thinking back before we got married, “How could I ever love her more than I love her now?”…I can say now, that my love for Christy Corder has increased exponentially. She is a fantastic wife. She loves life. She loves God. She loves her kids. And Praise God, she still loves me. God sending her to me….someone that could put up with all of who I am and am not…proves His infinite wisdom! Next year….for our 15th anniversary….we’re going to HAWAII!!!!!!!

Father, thank you for sending me Christy. You knew I needed her…and I think you knew she needed me. Father, put your hand on our marriage so that we will love each other even more this time next year….and bless us that we will both continue to love You more and become more like your Son. Release all of your blessings on Christy. Thank you for her God….Thank you for the wonderful gift I have in Christy. Thank you.

Your Son, Doyle

Later blog….but not so much later!!!


Blogger melissa said...

Love your thoughts here Doyle!
You may have heard about an SE-goer, Mikala Allsbrooks..but if not, I wanted to tell you that her dad died today after an accident at work. Mikala won't be at SE but her brother may be. I'm wanted to spread the word so we can cover her family in prayer!

1:28 PM  
Blogger Kelli said...

hey buddy!
Sounds like you are doing well and like you have some of the same problems as the rest of us!! I'm grateful for more chances, aren't you? Anyway, just wanted to say hi and tell you how sad I am that I can't be at SE this year. SE is the BEST!! Hope you have fun and you see the Lord!! Have a great week!!


8:00 PM  

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